Cedar siding

Cedar siding, made of cedar, a coniferous tree native to the Mediterranean that produces evergreen leaves resembling pine needles, is an environmental friendly materials used for homes. It accepts stains and coatings evenly and deeply.

Semi-transparent stains, solid stains, clear stains and paints provide color in Cedar siding. Paints are applied after installation. It’s not as long-lasting as some stains yet it serves to protect the wood from rot and moisture as well as microbial infestation. Exterior paint colors for cedar range from white to black with a large palette of colors in between, including yellow, blue, red, purple, gray, cream and brown. Semi-transparent stain produces a glaze over the wood that preserves the lines and texture of the wood while both waterproofing and coloring it. Solid stain, unlike semi-transparent, covers the color of the wood completely and obscures all natural markings of the wood. While the clear stains are colorless and bring-out the natural color of the wood. The cost of siding varies with supply and demand and the export market for the cedar. And has the average total cost per square foot of $5.30-$6.63.