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Vinyl Siding vs. Cedar Siding

iStock_000004152713MediumVinyl siding is plastic, installs faster than cedar and moisture will not collect behind siding, because of the way it is hung. While Cedar sidingĀ  is a natural wood product, and it naturally repels insects, protects against wood rot, insulates well and absorbs sound better than Vinyl siding. Cedar is more expensive than vinyl both in the cost of material and installation. Its price varies on the grade of the wood and the cut of the boards, also the supply and demand. It also requires several materials to protect it, such as waterproofing, primer, and stain or paint.

The price of vinyl is affected by the thickness of the vinyl chosen. It does not require the addition of sealants, paints or staining. If Cedar is properly maintain, it can lasts up to 75-100 years, the common issue is the wood peckers easily attracted on cedars. Vinyl’s color fades after 15 years. Vinyl should be hosed off yearly and if debris is still evident or the vinyl is heavily textured, it should be scrubbed with a brush. Cedar should be treated every 3 to 5 years with a waterproofing sealant, a primer and a new top coat of paint or stain. If a portion of the siding becomes damaged, a saw will remove any cedar that needs to be replaced. A special tool, called a zip tool, is required to release vinyl siding from the adjoining piece to replace it.

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